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Promise, Possibility, and Potential.

It’s September. I’ve officially dropped off the social map. If you’ve seen me in the past three weeks it’s because you’re one of my students or coworkers . . . or really lucky.

I’ve overheard teachers saying:

 “I went to bed at 8pm last night.”

“Everyday my throat is killing me by noon.”

“I’ve been to Staples three times today.”

Or maybe that’s just me, saying those things. That’s another thing about September, I don’t remember who I’ve said what to, because everything I say, I say multiple times.

It’s exhausting at best. I want to blog more often; I want to read more often, but I can barely keep my eyes open once I reach the front door to my house.

Yet, for all the exhaustion, September holds its own romance. New routines are established, friendships are formed, the air turns cool, and my classroom becomes my favorite place to be.

We’re only halfway through September, I don’t want to label it exhaustion— it’s just not fair to say that’s what I get from September. At halfway through, I’m labeling September: Promise, Possibility, and Potential— and I’m holding onto that till October.

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Rachel. You have NO idea how badly I needed to read this post (well, actually, you DO have an idea!). From all us teachers out there- and anyone else who needs to take life a day at a time, or a month at a time, for now- THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am seriously making this my desk top pic because I need to remind myself daily of this truth that you have spoken out loud. Thank you. I love you!

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