Writerly Life

New Website Launch!!—

When notesfromahappyteacher started on January 27, 2011 it was something I knew I should do, but I had no idea how it would change me. It felt like a risk then, to put my words out into the world with potential for disagreement, laughter, and public spelling mistakes. Surly this blog has brought all of those things, but it has also brought the opposite, moments where I have found others whose heart burns with passion for kids just like mine, applause from friends who have been moved, and sentences that reveal the heart of the craft.

And so it is with great enthusiasm, that I announce the launch of the new website. note the difference in the ending. We are an org now. This is certainly one of those big dreams I was talking about. So change us on your favorites and RSS feeders; it’s important to us that you journey with us. Don’t forget to comment and talk, your voice is important and gives us encouragement to keep writing, even when our crazy schedules seem to overtake us.

For now, the website appearance itself will look almost exactly the same, but have no fear friends we will be updating the site itself as well.  I can promise you that we will keep writing, that we will be happy and proud of kids and those moments in our classroom that remind us all we’re in the right profession, at the right time, with a group of kids that were made just for us. We’ll be real, and honest, and maybe a few things we’re still dreaming about . . .